Frequently, because of their years of experience, Spiros Industries is able to see around corners for customers avoiding problems downline. In this particular case, Spiros was asked to quote a new spring that required outside plating services. A spring design analysis was provided to the customer confirming the part will meet necessary life expectancy. However, Spiros believes that due to the part’s design, the springs will tangle in the plating process which would prevent proper plating and indicates this concern on their quote.

A small sample grouping is sent to the plating source who confirms that the parts do tangle as expected. Spiros contacts the customer and informs them of the situation and offers a simple but effective alternative. A second spring design analysis is performed by Spiros confirming the new custom extension spring’s life expectancy requirements are met and produces another trial group.

These redesigned samples are plated and forwarded to the customer for testing and approval. The customer approved the new part and placed an order. Not only are the new custom extension springs plated properly but, unnecessary hand works to untangle the springs is avoided.

At Spiros, problem solving is simply part of being a value-added supplier.

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Custom Extension Spring Before Modification


Custom Extension Spring After Modification