Boards – Tack Boards

  • Placed in Rows
  • Scattered

Boards – Magnet Boards

  • Placed in Rows
  • Scattered


  • 2-inch Corrugated Trays
  • 4-inch Corrugated Trays


  • Springs in Tubes


  • Springs on Wires

Bags – Bulk assembly

  • Zip-Lock Plastic Bags
    Multiple sizes available
  • Paper Bags
    Multiple sizes available

Packs – Bulk assembly

  • Plastic Cell Pack
  • Plastic Deli-Paks

Compression springs are normally packaged in bulk. Exceptions occur when springs are customized with high pitch angles or large indexes. To prevent possible spring entanglements and distortions, consider packaging them in rows (tubes or wires) or on adhesive-coated boards (tack boards).

Perplexed by a Packaging Challenge?

Because we’ve been presented with many unique packaging challenges throughout the years, we’re confident that we can resolve any spring or wire form packaging crisis you are experiencing. Bring it on.