When a major domestic motorcycle manufacturer wanted to eliminate a rattling headlight assembly they turned to Spiros Industries for a custom wire form solution. Having worked with Spiros before, they knew the problem-solving capacity that Spiros offers is second to none.

After a client review of the current application, options were discussed and the mating parts were taken back to Spiros for review with all involved and some brainstorming. A small group of possible solution samples was produced to find the exact custom wire form that could satisfy the customer’s objective.

When Spiros was confident they had found a suitable solution, a set of samples were manufactured and delivered to the customers engineering facility. Completed units were then sent to the factory for an assembly review and product testing. After minor tweaking, the customer changed the assembly prints to match the Spiros design and placed orders to meet their needs. This newly designed part can be run at 420 pieces per hour and has remedied the rattling problem.

At Spiros, problem solving is simply part of being a value-added supplier.

View the PDF Wire Form Case Study

Custom Wire Form Before Modifcation


Custom Wire Form After Modification