Switching suppliers can be a difficult task, so we work hard to make the transition as easy as possible. The switch was worth it for Pat Murray, who started purchasing springs from Spiros more than ten years ago.

“Initially I made the decision to switch to Spiros due to some quality problems on specific springs, but mainly due to price. The transition went relatively smoothly, and what we were able to get by making the switch was a supplier who has turned out to be almost a partner. Their pricing has remained competitive, quality has been excellent, and their customer service is probably the best out of any of the suppliers on our approved list. They have put together a team that responds to our needs, probably knows our spring needs as well as, or better than, us, and has offered design assistance on a regular basis.”

testimonial pat murray

The photograph above shows examples of a compression spring that Spiros produces for Pat.
Actual length: 1cm