“As a new company starting out, we had a vision of providing the highest quality springs at an affordable price.  We did a lot of research with various manufacturers in the market, but Spiros really stood apart from them.  From the get go, Spiros invited us to their offices and we had a chance to have a good conversation face to face in order to help them understand what we were looking for.  There were a lot of questions, but Spiros took the time to answer all of those, and then took us on a walk through of their facility to actually show us their process, not just talk about them.  Over the next several months, several phone calls were made back and forth to get make sure that the part that was delivered was of the highest quality.  During the entire process, though our initial order was not huge, Spiros made us feel that it was.  Their customer service was outstanding and the product that they delivered was high quality.  After going through this process with them, we understand we have a partner in our business, not simply a supplier.”


Jared Cox

Chad Kunzler

Jake Wood

Joe Bennett

4J Industries L.L.C.