About Carla

Vice President of Quality at Spiros

Carla joined the Spiros Team in 1997 as an inspector, and then later became a Quality Technician. Now, as the Vice President of Quality, Carla keeps the department on course — with consistent follow-ups to ensure quality adherence to each customer’s exact specifications and expectations. With 16 years in the spring-making industry, this gives Carla a total of 25 years manufacturing experience.

Outside of work, Carla is an avid golfer and traveler, with diverse interests.

But, at work, she has a one-track mind:

  • Quality materials
  • Quality adherence to specs
  • Quality service for customers

According to Carla:
“I believe that our customers deserve the highest quality product possible. Due to our broad product base, there’s a high probability that Spiros’ products are in my own home, car, lawn/snow equipment, etc. As a consumer of these products, I also expect the quality to be there.”

Carla Glaeser
Phone: (866) 470-2540
Cell: (414) 719-0228
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Carla Glaeser - VP of Quality